Marketing Ideas for Selling Cars in italy 

Marketing Ideas for Selling Cars in italy   

My father used to say there are four things that tell the world who a man is: his house, his car, his wife and his shoes.

(Danny De Vito, in The War of the Roses)


When we think of ads for the purchase of a new or used car, we immediately think o television spots that show shining cars, winding roads and exciting jingles that guarantee better performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Things are changing fast because today the machines of the same class are all similar to the use of the means of communication used by the automotive industry in advertising campaigns. Also because we are noticing that often cars in the Italian market are showed in  Malls/shopping centers while the family is shopping or relaxing.

To be really effective, traditional advertising, today more than ever, needs to be supported by other means of communication. In short, you can not have the same image in front of your potential customer!


We create new points of contact between people and the need for car manufacturers to distinguish their vehicles in a congestion of similar products by experimenting with new communication channels and strategies.

Among these we meet the service offered by us as prize or one-shot competitions. If you are a self-employed small / medium and your goal is to retain existing customers and acquire new ones you need to plan the right message. And then you know .. today the cars is choosen by  your childrens !!!

You can use our basic products to create an effective database, perhaps during the launch of a new car or those evolved in the purchase phase of the new car or a used one. We need a strategic planning on the customers to be retained and give them an emotional moment in which they are well prepared to make the purchase. With our products we establish a more empathetic relationship than a flat, uniform and equal communication for everyone.

This is why we can no longer hope to grow a business without having a clear marketing strategy and an effective customer acquisition system. As in the auto industry, in any industry.

So what better occasion?
To excite and engage potential customers in the use of a car with the promise of a beautyful gift for kids  or a journey in an amusement parks? An emotional effect will therefore be obtained which will prepare the customer for purchase; it is about giving space to creativity with a product / service of high value perceived and strictly involving (our mascot will drive children crazy).

We can create a slogan to launch co-branding promotions that reflect what is offered (as in the highlighted image), using messages with content relevant to the period and the service offered and inserting compelling images to use on the site, on social networks and for each type of communication, increasing engagement and thus drawing attention to the exclusive service provided.

Here’s how the choice of proposing a co-branding with a prize that is offered to the whole family is really something unique and special to let you choose your service highlighting it among the tide of services offered by the competition and available even if lower level.

The undecided can be channeled!
Or if you are indecisive to give a dream to live with the whole family can be a valuable incentive to engage in a purchase! Here is the reason to connect to your product something that makes the moment of the signature an emotional moment able to attract interest and then discover that you have made the right choice and enjoy the new car!

We can create the communication and unique “message” for the whole campaign, or build a communication flow that dilutes content over time. Remember that our target is families and children.

Our co-branding proposal for car dealers (one shot)
The Paracadute Agency, communication agency stands as the perfect accomplice of your business success. What we offer is a functional co-branding with which you will be presented to the potential customer / consumer your service to which both brands have participated in the implementation and aimed at the target of families. to make the potential consumer perceive higher quality and greater attention than competitors. We can decide together the terms of the offer and build packages tailored to your needs also related to the product turnover.

The benefits of our co-branding
We provide you with an exclusivity agreement related to the sector in which you operate (you will only offer it) that will be expanded by the exclusivity of the gift (award winning) and with a beneficial effect of co-branding remarkable thanks to a quality service (which will not be inferior to the quality you offer); to specific assistance and in some cases a real presence on the spot (amusement parks Italy)

Our creativity .. your best allied! 

Our affirmation on the market is inspired by a business model that intelligently combines marketing, promotions and tourism.

In this sense we work with an innovative project to make promotions, which involves the use of mini-holiday (weekend) as a promotion benefit in both B2B and B2C.

Does the idea fascinate you? It will also please your customers! Contact us immediately at n.0039-392 064 6169, or email us at;  a personal consultant will assist you, who will be available in our offices or in your offices to analyze the specific requests and will follow you step by step in choosing the best solutions best suited to your needs.