co-branding and co-marketing for italian market

Co-branding and co-marketing for italian market  


Our co-branding proposal as a marketing strategy for customer loyalty programs in Italy

The Paracadute Agency is a communications agency for the Italian Market ( products or services)  is on the side of companies and supports companies in the development of their business with co branding and co -marketing services, agreement and product based co-branding

For this reason it has invented a strategy that is finally affordable even for small businesses and that can produce great benefits, if planned in the right way.


We have designed and implemented a customer loyalty project under the Parchitour brand (TM registered)with a series of initiatives aimed at a family target to create a strong commercial and personal relationship between the company and its customers with target kids and family.

Through our solutions you can retain your customers and capture new ones; we focus on children and their birth and their growth will give you every year many new potential customers (families) who will become the ambassadors of your brand and will be willing to spend more than the customers already acquired.

We have been analyzing their needs for years and we fulfill their wishes in the Italian market with entertainment benefits.

What we offer is in fact a functional co-branding with which you will be presented to the potential customer of your products or services to which both brands have participated in the implementation and aimed at the target of families. Only in this way the potential consumer will perceive higher quality and will pay more attention than the remaining market offer.

The benefits of our co-branding

We provide you with an exclusivity agreement related to the sector of the product / service you requested and associated to guarantee the increase in quality “that will be expanded by the fact that you will have an offer to the customer / consumer that no other competitor can offer. (exclusivity of the brand + exclusive of the offered product / service)

The benefits of co-branding will be considerable thanks to the quality and complete services we are offering. In addition to our logo (registered trademark) the result of careful analysis and studies will also be given to your client the possibility of a physical meeting at breakfast with our mascot on the occasion of his visit to the amusement parks or organized events. This will guarantee an increase in the level of customer satisfaction and a strengthening of the company’s position compared to the competition as well as the conquest of new customer segments.

The global crisis has changed the way we do business

The budget is constantly reduced and our creativity and quality can become your best ally in promoting your business in to the italian Market at very low prices.

We can take care of everything for your company. From the starting idea creation trof the idea to its creation through the big ocean of brand marketing.

Look at our examples that are only representative of some small ideas of what we can do for you after careful study. For us, the creative process of co-branding is extremely important and requires a careful knowledge of every product/service and the target group you want to reach. It is important to keep in mind that the combination of synergies projects let us to reach segments of the market that may have been precluded so far. In the same way, we must try to respond to the motivational need of the campaign and not to corrupt the communicative name of the brands. For this reason we try to adopt a communication and a design able to respond clearly and unequivocally to our objectives and with a message that has soul and personality: the union of brands, slogans and messages will be proposed in a unique and relevant design equipped with a high visual impact.

Our aim is to transfer value to the company brand by qualifying the company and projecting it into success.

those are just one examples of two that we can create for you:

Co- branding example 

  co -branding for new or used car selling  ( product)  


co-branding for a kids language school ( service)


Our affirmation on the market, it is inspired by a business model that intelligently combines marketing, promotions and Italian entertainment tourism.

In this sense we work with an innovative project to make promotions, which involves the use of mini-holiday (weekend) as a promotion benefit in both B2B and B2C.

Contact us at n. 0039- 392 064 6169 or or also in a live chat! You will be assisted to a personal consultant who will be available in our offices or to analyze the specific requests and will follow you step by step in choosing the best solutions best suited to your needs.